Our TrainTime activity packs let autistic and ADHD children enjoy their trains at home!

  • TrainTime packs are designed by autism/ADHD specialists
  • Our activity packs bring trains to your door.
  • Available on a monthly or annual subscription – or you can just order a trial pack
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • We’re sure that each pack will give boys and girls hours of train fun.

Brighten the day of your autistic or ADHD child with a TrainTime subscription.

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What’s inside?

Watch the video below to see what we include in your first TrainTime activity pack:


TrainTime at a glance:
  1. Subscribe: Click a few buttons, enter your details and you’re all set to go – it’s really that simple!
  2. Choose: You can sign-up for a month, a year or just a trial pack.
  3. Secure: We protect your online payments and your personal details.
  4. Delivery: We send out the TrainTime packs every month. We’ll send you an email so you know when they’re on the way.
  5. Variety: The content changes every month so you’ll always be surprised by what’s inside.
  6. Relax: Once your pack arrives, the fun begins – let your child discover all of the amazing TrainTime goodies inside!

What is TrainTime all about?

TrainTime packs are designed to support autistic and ADHD children through their special interest in trains. The packs are designed by autistic and ADHD people, who understand the importance of special interests in developing social and communication skills.

Your TrainTime subscription gives your child a monthly supply of activities, sensory toys and information to support their special interest in trains, without leaving their home.

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Who is TrainTime For?

TrainTime packs are designed for primary-aged children aged 4 to 11 years, although they will suit older children too. The packs include a range of activities to suit a wide range of ages and abilities. Younger children may need some help from an adult. Older children may like to develop the activities further or design their own, based on our ideas. We always welcome feedback and suggestions on what to put in our packs.

Not sure if TrainTime packs are right for your child? You can order a trial package and see how they get on. If they like the packs, then you can start a subscription to the monthly packs.

How does TrainTime work?

TrainTime is a box of train fun delivered to your home at the beginning of every month. It’s jam-packed with engaging puzzles and activities, relaxing toys, and fascinating pictures.

We also provide extra activities, videos and maps on our exclusive TrainTime Online website, which is only available to subscribers.

All you have to do to get your own TrainTime activity pack is sign up – it takes just a couple of minutes.

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