Intercity Trains [pack no.2]


TrainTime “Intercity Trains” pack

* Designed by autistic/ADHD specialists

* Featuring the long-distance trains around the UK including IET, Azuma, Pendolino, HST and Novas

* Packed with facts, activities, jigsaws, pictures, maps, and other train goodies

* Should keep a train-loving boy or girl busy for hours!



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Our “Intercity Trains” pack is packed with activities, puzzles, toys and other train goodies

  • Fact Finder cards: a pack of 16 specially-designed train cards full of data
  • Jigsaw: can you put an Azuma back together?
  • Train graphics: amazing graphics of trains from across London
  • Railway books: with stories about trains, large and small
  • Activity Sheets: a bundle of activity sheets to suit all ages
Intercity Trains [pack no.2]

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