TrainTime for a year (12 packs)


A year’s supply of TrainTime activity packs for autistic/ADHD children

* Ideal for birthday or Christmas presents

* Designed by autistic/ADHD specialists

* Can be sent anywhere in the UK

* Packed with activities, pictures, puzzles, toys and other train goodies

* Different themes every month

* Should keep a train-loving boy or girl busy for hours!

* Save 15% on the monthly subscription 



Get a year’s supply of TrainTime activity packs

< Ideal for a birthday or Christmas gift >

Packed with activities, puzzles, toys and other train goodies, they should keep a train-loving child busy for hours!

TrainTime activity packs are designed by autistic people for autistic/ADHD children who love trains.

Each month, your TrainTime activity pack will have a different train theme – London Trains, Fastest Trains, Trains of the World, Underground Trains etc

Each pack includes:

  • Fact Finder cards: a pack of 16 specially-designed train cards full of data
  • Train graphics: amazing graphics of trains from across London
  • Play time: train jigsaws, train stress toys, train sticker books  – different goodies every month
  • Railway books: with stories about trains, large and small
  • Activity Sheets: a bundle of activity sheets to suit all ages

You also get access to our exclusive TrainTime Online website where you’ll find links to selected YouTube videos, online activities, train maps, and more activity sheets.

TrainTime for a year (12 packs)

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