All Aboard Club helps autistic and ADHD children to develop their social and communication skills using their special interest in trains and transport.

We provide child-led activities in community venues across London and the South East where the children can build and play with our huge model train sets in an understanding, supportive and relaxing environment.

We want to run our events in more locations so that we can support more families. 

  • All Aboard Club gives autistic children a sense of belonging and being part of a wider community.
  • Parents gain a broader understanding of autism through sharing their own lived experience with other families and hear how other families have overcome obstacles in life.
  • The families start to form new friendships and support networks with other families who share similar challenges.
  • Engine Shed encourages autistic children to travel using public transport, promoting their independence.
  • It helps them develop social and emotional skills, and to push their personal boundaries with the reassurance that the project is delivered in an understanding and supportive environment.

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